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The Secrets of Life & Words of Wisdom, LLD is one of the best ways to expose young minds to the thoughts, mantras and ideas of some of the worlds greatest thinkers and achievers throughout history.  By placing this LLD on the corner of a teacher's desk, students will get a daily jolt of knowledge that can motivate them to dream big. They will also be exposed to secrets of life that will help them develop values and attitudes which lead to a successful and a fulfilling life!

There is something powerful about hearing a secret. When the LLD button is pushed, watch as the entire classroom immediately becomes silent as they listen intently to hear the secret.

This LLD possesses secrets of life, words of wisdom, quotes and mantras from some of the world's most accomplished achievers.  These are people who have endured tremendous tragedies and turned them into great triumphs.  This compilation reveals little tricks on how to:


-develop a positive mindset
-work without complaining
-make your word worth something
-listen to your conscious
-stop little problems from growing bigger
-not make excuses
-take the hard classes in school
-not be annoying
-walk away from trouble
-learn a foreign language
-make failure your friend
-use proper English
-quickly alleviate despair
-avoid dangerous situations
-be a valuable worker
-love yourself and others
-be responsible for your actions   
-deal with rejection
-be creative instantly
-not to be arrogant
-adapt to change
-be courageous 
-dream big
-build wealth
-decrease fears
-appreciate others
-find passions in life
-eliminate stage fright
-never give up
-build confidence
-forgive people
-avoid debt
-handle criticism
........ and many, many more!!

This LLD was specifically created to motivate and inspire people to live happy and passionate lives regardless of their circumstances; to chase their dreams into the sunset and make something of themselves!!  Some of the quotes are from of the following great thinkers, achievers and motivators: 

Helen Keller                                 Mark Twain                       Oliver Holmes
Martin Luther King                    Ralph Waldo Emerson                Ann Frank
General Patton                             Henry Ford                         Babe Ruth 
Eleanor Roosevelt                       Thomas Paine                   Benjamin Franklin  
Abraham Lincoln                           Epictetus                         Edgar Allan Poe 
Conrad Hilton                             Amelia Earhart                Napoleon Bonaparte    
Aristotle                                  Vince Lombardi                   Marcus Aurelius   
Winston Churchill                       Thomas Jefferson                Andrew Carnegie


Think how much less stress people would have if they listen to the belief of Thomas Jefferson who said - Never spend your money before you have it.

Believe that when you criticize others that you are looking in a mirror…believe that you cannot like or dislike something about others unless it stands for something that you like or dislike about yourself.

The true measure of a person is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. - Ann Lander

A secret to life is to make one of the most valuable this you have is your word. Protect it, keep it safe, use it only when necessary… if you tell someone that you will do something and made a promise to them… then make this one of the most important things in your life…. Do what it takes to keep your word…. 

You can't build a reputation on whatyou you're going to do. - Henry Ford

Get mud on your hands… It doesn’t matter how excited you are about your dreams… how positive you are about the outcome of your success…how for sure you are that you control your own future…. Remember that nothing happens unless you do some work…so go get mud on your hands and remember it is this mud that you will make into your gold!

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.  - Eleanor Roosevelt

Do not care what other people think. This is a huge time waster of life. Your dreams and goals are yours and not those of your peers. Spend your time worrying about how you compare to others gets you nothing! Does it really matter what shoes, shirt or brand name jeans you have on? What matters is what is in your head about you! 

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.  

Everyday the LLD reveals a new jolt of wisdom.  It will repeat the same knowledge each time the button is pressed until the next 24-hour period.  After 365 days, the LLD will randomly replay previous secrets of life and inspirations continuing to motivate and positively shape lives.

THIS IS NOT A TOY. This is a life educational device to aid in building and enhancing ethics, morals, passions and motivation


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