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LLD's are gifts that keep on giving! :: lifelearningdevices.com - Centuries of Wisdom at the touch of a button!

LLD's are gifts that keep on giving!


Congratulations on becoming and LLD affiliate and helping people increase their pleasure for their passions in life!

You have just been sent an email with directions on how to log into your account.

Once you are logged into your personal affiliate site, click on the Programs tab.  Here you will find various different Affiliate Programs for different LLD themes.  All our LLD's are included in each program.  Look for the Affiliate Program that best suits your site and then click on the 'Click here' button below each program to see the banners and videos available for that program.

Affiliates have had the best success when they send a video link to a list of people who subscribe to their daily, weekly or monthly newsletters.  Videos convert people the best because they describe how an LLD works and how it adds value to people's lives.   The video links can even be posted on your site.

LLD's are fun to give as gifts and really become part of a person's daily routine.  Please enjoy helping people learn more about their passions!


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