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Highlights of an LLD :: lifelearningdevices.com - Centuries of Wisdom at the touch of a button!

Highlights of an LLD


  •  An LLD is much like a Staples Easy Button that gives you a new tid-bit of wisdom everyday, 365 days a year.  LLD’s give only one tid-bit of wisdom everyday at the touch of a button.  No matter how many times the button is pressed it will play the same tid-bit until the next 24 hr. period. 

  • LLD’s are designed to allow people to increase their knowledge and wisdom about their favorite hobby or passion everyday at the touch of a button.

  • LLD’s are designed to sit on a person’s desk, dresser, beside their coffee pot or on the kitchen table. The user makes it part of their daily routine to press it. 

  • Life Learning Devices allow a speaker or author to be on a person’s desk all year long offering them their wisdom and guidance. 

  • LLD’s make great back of the room product for speakers. Speakers can now say, “Take home my books, cd’s, dvd’s and now have me setting on your desk everyday with my LLD!” 

  • LLD’s are custom made with the speaker’s or author’s name, logo and website on the outside. An LLD thus becomes a 24 hour/ 365 day-a-year marketing billboard that sits out in public view adding value to people’s lives everyday. 189 days after a leaving a seminar at a large company, a speaker’s voice is still beside the coffee pot in the break room…..adding value everyday…advertising their brand.

  • Unlike the mediums of communication of books, dvd’s and cd’s that once used are placed on a shelf, an LLD is used everyday, thus we call it TRUE SELF IMPROVEMENT INSTEAD OF SHELF IMPROVEMENT.

  • The 24 hr. periods on the LLD’s are set by holding down a little black button that is on the bottom of the LLD. Hold it down for 5 seconds right before you go to bed on the very first day you receive your LLD and then NEVER press that button again. At that time everyday it will jump to the next phrase. If you hold down the reset button again it will revert back to quote number one.

  • Version 1.1 has a slot on the bottom of the LLD for a flash card, allowing the user to change the information on the LLD. A sticker of the speaker or author goes in the front of the LLD. 


  • Version 2.0 is the study version. It has a flash drive in the bottom and can be custom created. It has a forward button and backward button on the top of the rim that allows the user to toggle back and forth to hear more then one quote. This version was designed to placed on a desk or kitchen table and allow a person to study different languages or topics while they are waiting for a client at work or eating their breakfast.    Motivational quotes or words of wisdom should not be placed on version 2.0.  Only material that is to be study should be used with this material.



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